Sunday, May 22, 2016

WE HAVE TO GET OUT......................

 We have to get out 
 of this race if it's
 last thing we ever do.
 We have to get out
 of this race before
 it's all one disgrace.
 None with favorable face,
 all playing it straight lace.
 All playing to narrow base
 and everyone else just in case. 
 We have to get out of this race
 as world wonders it's all veneer
 or Lady Liberty in black lace.
 Women looking for strong one so
 they can throw away can of mace!
 Before throwing up or throwing up
 arms for you and me there is a place!

 Sunday morning media types spoke 
 of horrible race to election with real
 horrible selection. Voting for better of
 any knuckleheads YOU can write in:
 Media admits to not thinking out of
 media back slapping box and goes
 home to Suzy Cream Cheese and lox!
 Certainly not as smart as a fox....

 How many roads must a voter follow
 before saying "where the hell am I?"

  Barry McChangky       *:)) laughing       QUACK!  

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