Saturday, May 21, 2016

THEN SHE WHISPERED......................................

 Nice evening following running
 of the 141st Preakness. Bet two
 tracks today but made no hay.
 Hey, what can a guy say? So I
 took myself out for Saturday
 evening to The Bell Tower for
 pork loin, wine and good time. 
 Sat myself down at far end of 
 bar and bar tending was a star.
 Marie holding court tending bar.

 Looked at same old menu then
 handed back to Marie with bag
 of pot on top. "I hope to enjoy
 dinner as much as you will enjoy
 this." Off to put in my order in a
 place live with disorder when a
 young thing next to me whispered
 in my ear, "nice to meet you and to
 amuse. Read you on The Bronx Tao
 and want to be your muse!" She be
 looking hot on the spot and how in
 this wide wide world could refuse?
 Hoping it was not a ruse' said very
 politely how can I refuse? 

 We drank wine and no hard booze
 and she told me about loving to 
 listen to The Blues. Back of mind 
 still out fishing for clues because
 she could work me over until I blew
 fifty amp fuse! That that is possible 
 is really old news. Tomorrow is a
 Sunday and won't be found sitting
 in a church pew. Not this fun loving
 South Bronx Jew! Then she again
 whispered in my ear, "just want to
 be your muse........"

 Asked in cab going home if she was
 out for the night to roam. Said she
 brought her special foam and told
 me she would make me laugh and
 then moan. She is bad to the bone!
 Being picked up by young woman
 I absolutely condone. Life is good.

 She was comfortable in morning
 with feet up, drinking coffee and
 watching an old movie on t.v. 
 She said, "come on over here to 
 me and show you how happy here
 I am to be!" Then whispered in my
 ear, "your muse I just want to be!"

 Dreaming on two of Barry's Better   
 Brownies is always worth the trip!

  Barry McChangky       *&lt:-P party   QUACK!


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