Saturday, May 28, 2016


 Saturday morning with warm sun
 and holiday weekend looks to be fun.
 Great day for walk around food like
 pizza or pork on a bun. Fair in Mission
 today with local streets cut off from
 traffic. In San Jose traditional run
 while in Oakland another highway
 attack by gun..............

 Summer politics during election year
 of president has begun to ferment.
 Hilary in fight of political life as it was
 meant and Bernie baby is hell bent!
 No longer just for Trump prevent but
 new politics that Trump invented.....
 "Stay out of the way, including 
 San Francisco Bay! No immigrants
 allowed today!" Not even that has 
 brought Trump election decay. Now
 behind the scenes GOP-ers are seen
 at Trump door with hat in hand! Now
 what is NEW GOP BRAND? How can
 any say this has not been planned....

 Bet $160 late pick 4 with guarantee of
 $500,000 pool! I'm no fool, went to 
 analyzing pro handicappers school!
 "They" dig out the facts and I use 
 that to figure out race, speed of pace
 and who will be winner in white lace?

 Getting over morning after night before
 with Ray O'Sunshine who can pour and
 put away some very fine wine. Now here
 is guy one will never hear whine, "I want
 to go to Miami!"

  Barry McChangky             *~^o^~ cheer      QUACK!

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