Friday, May 27, 2016

FRIDAY MORNING WITH..............................

 Cali sun has invaded
 San Francisco this morning. 
 Looks to be great holiday
 weekend if not flying, driving
 or dying. None will be in short 
 supply. On the first I fly and 
 hope it's just normal travel, 
 what ever that is. 
 Got photo of old school buddy
 in Amsterdam entering what
 looks to be a legal pot shop. 
 Long way to go but Howie baby
 and his lady look terrific while
 "doing the continent....."

 One two three eight is all it took
 to take presidential line on election
 of century selection. Talk about 
 Lady Alice fleeing the palace with
 coming of Mister Malice! Bernie
 as an opponent will work! Hilary
 baby carrying way too much dirt!
 In pants suit a woman can't flirt! 
 Next is tie and shirt.............

 This morning Hilary is mourning
 news of tie in coming Cali election.
 Better put on walking boots and

 Hit late pick 4 yesterday with two
 favorites, second favorite and a 
 $26.00 horse on the end. Played
 two by two by three by four. Now
 to get ready for going out door for
 night with Ray O'Sunshine and all
 that entails...............

   Barry McChangky       *&lt:-P party     QUACK!

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