Thursday, May 26, 2016

OBAMA-MAMA DOING JAPAN...........................

 Obama-mama on tour of
 current ally Japan while
 under arm has a plan. 
 Not there to sun and get
 toxic tan but to tell all of
 Japan of atomic bomb is
 not a fan. Speaking to a
 very nationalist clan to
 bridge historical span. 
 Got gut feeling it will be 
 called "The Spam Plan!"
 Spam as in byproducts of
 ham fried in Crisco oil 
 that opens on can recoil. 

 It's so easy to look back 
 ans say "I would not have 
 done it like that!" Would
 not have dropped two bombs
 but just got bigger bat! All of
 those baby boomers do not 
 see it like that, what about all
 those dead and wounded vets 
 still paying for that. Look at all
 convenience in world from atop
 on what is sacred they spat. No
 longer have military to carry on
 anything like that. JUST GO BACK
 to wear jackets that don't stop flack, 
 while those that should have their
 back are hiding somewhere way back!
 TOLD on terror "we" can not slack so
 why is Obama-mama in Japan at this
 time to "give a back slap?" All of this 
 crap should create political flap!

 While history is being given another look
 back for rewrite, take deep breath and 
 don't get uptight. War with Japan was
 Japan's foreign policy all over the Pacific 
 was HORRIFIC! To be specific Manila, 
 Shang-hai and on and on while back in
 Japan all cheered their Manifest Destiny. 
 While only minor attacks on our shores
 "we" fought The World War and more....
 So if you want to look back and not see
 Japan's and Germany's all out attacks
 on everybody's backs while generation
 now eats Big Mac's by the sack........
 Now playing Libya, Iraq Afghanistan and
 so many places waiting to put in effect
 "better, newer relocation plan.....!"

   Barry McChangky             *>:) devil        QUACK!

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