Thursday, May 19, 2016

TO ALL YOU GUNSLINGERS...................

 Beautiful day in San Francisco
 with life moving at even flow. 
 Over sixties group reported this
 morning to be largest growing
 group for growing great pot!
 That puts DEA on the spot.
 Then there are those last of
 dug in hold outs who have lost
 so many political battles and 
 The Gunslingers! Still out there
 coming to take us away and to
 them I say: Put down that gun!
                     Pick up loaded bong!
                     Show you how to live
                     just like Fay Wray and
                    KING KONG! That life
                    will never steer you wrong!  

 Two oldies who need a hit are that
 pair who with voters are not a hit. 
 Hilary and Bernie show to get uglier 
 than Bambi carcass laying in snow.
 Where is voter to go? WRITE IN
 Enough votes will bring "do over!"
 Had wonderful visit from old buddy
 and daughter yesterday and looking
 to see Billy back east real soon, YES!
 The Belmont time is getting closer,
 closer, closer.................

   Barry NcChangky        *o|\~ sing       QUACK!

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