Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WEDNESDAY IS.........................

 Sun has come out early today.
 Environmental team known as 
 The Scavengers here to collect
 weekly garbage. From around
 world is world of bad news. 
 Media is lost when it comes to
 "those wars out there." Better
 to listen to Smokey the Bear who
 "we" know really cares. Out there
 on Alice's political warfare front
 is guy who fronts for no one. Not
 Alice's favorite son but backed by
 many who see The Donald as fun!
 Politics, wine and pork on a bun!
 Can anyone hear Paul Revere ring
 "THE LIBERTY BELL?" How far has
 democracy at home fell? Do you see
 Bernie as William Tell? 

 Selection for election rolls on towards
 how unhappy with life is voting public. 
 CBS this morning made Morning Show 
 teleprompter readers bend over and
 "stop the anti-Bernie music!" GOOD
 FOR CBS! All is still a mess....

 Homelessness is disappearing from
 the public's consciousness.......

  Barry McChangky            *>:) devil        QUACK!  

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