Thursday, June 23, 2016


 In a very disturbed world
 citizens are at each other
 over staying in nation of
 our mother. So should we
 stay or should we go now?
 Are British ready to go back
 to the fields now or immigration
 to E.U. at end of show? Economy
 of Britian ready to grow or should
 they stay or should they go?

 Alice's kids are having a rash over
 The Donalds being hip from lip!
 Media after him for insider's tip.
 Speaker of House Ryan is naked
 without a whip and Prez on new trip!
 Will Alice's economy sink like ship
 if "we" all follow Donald down road
 based on insider's tip or should he go
 or should he stay now? The Scooter
 from grave screamed, "holy cow!" 
 Will Alice please not take a bow!

 Should "we" go or should we stay now?
 Economic shots fired across our bow, 
 will next year be enough chow? Do "we"
 need government like Chairman Mao or
 will "we" elect leader who will say, "this
 is how.......Should Hilary stay or go now
 that we know she is but a pants suit
 wearing sow? Billy Boy's one time gal
 but not now! 

 Britain to find by ballot if "they" should
 go or stay now or to find leadership by
 reading daily The Bronx Tao? Illegal 
 citizens here still wondering if they will
 go or stay now. Prez repeated old lie of
 "they watch or kids, wash our clothes
 and even pick fruit and plant roses."
 If that is true there are eleven million
 illegals in "our" homes? Not mine.

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil       QUACK!  

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