Friday, June 24, 2016

OH WHAT A NIGHT.............

 Oh what a night!
 People of Britain
 have won fight!
 Tired of living in
 world where all is
 so very tight. Last
 night won that fight.

 Oh what a morning!
 CBS morning trio shut
 down by The Bernie as
 a has been, stack of 
 cheekbones and socially
 slick knuckleheads were
 turned on their heads!
 Leaning on Bernie who
 knew he was under attack
 by Bert and Ernie! Smiles
 for miles while digging for
 answers "they" want. 

 CBS trio must be in or near
 "one percent!" None worry
 about paying own rent. Lady
 Social Slick is but a trick! She
 is according to fat white ladies
 sitting in Berkeley coffee house
 find her adorable! In Compton 
 black women say she is deplorable!

 Britain to take on challenge of now
 fighting for nationalism lost! They
 know there will be a cost! Forty years
 of drinking less beers and fighting
 foreign wars that only bring tears....
 Maybe they will give one per-centers
 something to fear.........Bernie told the
 CBS knuckleheads that for Hilary there
 is nothing to cheer,,,,,,,,,,,Paul Ryan still
 out there selling fear as forests in our
 south west corner burns and watched
 by Smokey the Bear.........

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil           QUACK! 

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