Friday, June 10, 2016

FRIDAY MORNING................

 Sun is up and looks to
 stay that way, Chilly on
 the overnight but have
 wonderful Friday. Tonight
 an electric concert! Will
 it be electrifying?

 Monti beginning to come
 alive for summer. Many of
 small business's remain
 shuttered and real bummer.
 Economic planning for this
 area is getting dumber. One
 more time with gambling and
 hotel! Won't help town where
 it is positioned.

 World of American politics is
 becoming more like media mob!
 Gangster teleprompter readers
 all have GET TRUMP on their lip.
 Gathering not to float his boat
 but to sink his presidential ship!
 No way can he err or slip! From
 cup of hate many taking a sip! OH
 where oh where is the whip? In the
 end voters will sell out for hint of
 a tip! LET CANDIDATES have a RIP! (YES,
 rest in peace!)

 Tomorrow is The Belmont and am looking
 at a couple but will make final determination
 in the morning. Hope not to be mourning/
 Horse running today HEY MIKE! BET!

  Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party        QUACK!

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