Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WEDNESDAY MORNING.....................

 From a small hamlet up in
 mountains of New York that
 is called Monticello I say hello.
 Days here have been mellow
 and I am a happy fellow. World
 from here looks like fear with
disappearance of Smokey the Bear.
Where Alice has troops there is
 nothing to cheer. I heard  Hilary,
 Bernie and The Donald shared a
 pitcher of beer! OH DEAR!

 No Belmont on menu today and I
 wonder why. One never knows.
 Monti today and no Plainridge.
 I'll survive while Alice's kids look
 for way to survive. Any hope that
 current batch of usual suspects
 will help "YOU" thrive? Will there
 be another economic nose dive?
 When will The Donald arrive with
 new four year economic plan?

 Life moves on with so many afraid
 to take a forward step in fear of
 losing whatever they have. Jobs
 created today will be around for
 period no one will say. Did you give
 church another shot and pray.......
 There are those that say God WILL
 punish those who look other way!

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil    QUACK! 

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