Tuesday, June 7, 2016

RAINED ALL NIGHT..................

 Woke to muggy morning
 and e-mail from Steve the
 singing man. Will be in NY
 but far away on Long Island.
 Real world traveler! Thunder
 storm rain but looks to be nice
 day. Life goes on but not for
 Bernie and his road show.

 On Sunday George Snfulafagus
 of ABC Sunday and morning news
 buried Bernie along with his crew.
 Fails to say he was guy under then
 Governor Clinton's desk just like
 Lewinsky under presidential desk!
 Now out to be Hilary's bitch! Guy is
 one real witch with five o'clock
 shadow at ten in the morning.

 "THE MEDIA" has become political
 party of their own. Going to "tell" you
 what the score is before vote! Guy
 went out of way to float her boat and
 hurt Bernie before Cali primary. Too
 much control of news airways by now
 just a few. CBS crew there with Rose in
 usual pile of cheekbones in pose........

 Only Monti and Plainridge today. Room
 at casino really warm and empty. But
 on Saturday The Belmont!

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil        QUACK!

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