Sunday, June 19, 2016

GIVE ME A GUN.........................

 Beautiful morning for
 mourning all around
 San Francisco Bay.
 Do not let go of those
 murdered other day.
 So many died when
 found in the fray.
 Another day, another
 sign of social moral 
 decay. All I have to say 
 is give me a gun
 I was born this way.

 Politicians tip toeing all
 around issue while good
 citizens die. "THEY" HAVE
 thing never in short supply!
 Keep hearing, "if you do that
 it will only get worse!" Worse
 than what? How many more to
 be innocently shot while Hilary
 and The Donald show us what
 THEY AIN'T GOT! What is that
 on "your" child's forehead but 
 gunmen's focusing dot? How
 long will it take you to say, "Well
 I just forgot..........Give me a gun
 I was born this way........

 Living life of up against the wall
 while telling our kids to stand tall
 even when being knuckleheads at
 your local mall! Won't take on boss
 to get a raise and settle for handful
 of praise. Is Alice "only" going through
 another faze or are you tooooo busy with
 entertainment to be amazed by blood now
 pouring over our streets.......Give me a gun
 I was born this way..............
  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil          QUACK!  

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