Saturday, June 18, 2016

SATURDAY MORNING................................

 Sunny morning this Saturday
 in San Francisco. News of day
 is news of the week, month and
 way back to massacre shootings
 many have begun to forget. Not
 at all easy living with regret. Just
 what is that regret? No matter how
 hard one works still in debt. Now
 feeling regret because you could
 not, would not, inconvenienced by
 or all the above with not a lot of love?
 Do you still feel need to give that
 homeless guy living on your door
 just one good shove? 

 Election cycle is politically hostile 
 giving elected officials bought and
 delivered by gun lobby that lives in
 every Washington D.C. hotel lobby
 place to hide and slide. Everybody
 WANTS to feel safe without having
 to hide or bury pride. The Donald
 and Hilary going to collide while busy
 eating The Colonel well fried. Money
 for this entertainment show not in
 short supply nor ample amount of lies..

 Betting on horses is successful going
 with Mike Merton @ Monti, Gregg Merton
 @ Plainridge and Joel Rosario at Belmont.
 Spring invasion is over and time for good
 launch of racing at Saratoga, land of buried
 favorites..........Remember disclaimer at the
 bottom of horse betting, lottery tickets and
 voting ballets ARE THE SAME! ONLY FOR

  Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party       QUACK!   

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