Friday, June 17, 2016

WOKE THIS MORNING TO...................................

 Woke this morning to pour
 myself glass of wine, just to
 to start day feeling fine. Do
 have to draw a line just like
 when I dine.........

 Politics of Ugly in our face!
 Oh dear Alice, what a disgrace!
 Have Alice's kids fallen from grace?
 "WHO" are these people Hilary and
 The Donald call their base? Found
 wandering mental case? Almost a
 naked lady when stripped of all that
 shiny black lace. 

 Syria calling, Iraq too! Put it all back
 together and have Mesopotamian zoo!
 Who is who but what is "the clue?"
 Hidden away by Old Lady in a Shoe?
 Every piece of territory with it's very
 own wrecking crew! Will a "savoir"
 arrive out of the blue or in end all do
 get "their" due? Or is this world just
 one big cuckoo nest that only few
 will get to fly over? 

 Life goes on in Orlando and all those
 places in land of Alice that massacres
 have been carried out. Strain over pain. 
 Alice is so big it seems always to be in
 someone else's back yard. How many
 times can "we" travel that road while
 looking other way? You CAN get every
 thing you want at Alice's Restaurant,
 excepting being safe...........

  Barry McChangky         */:) raised eyebrows         QUACK!

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