Monday, June 13, 2016

PRODUCT OF.............................

 Another mass shooting
 by home grown child of
 Alice. Living in land of so
 much malice. "WE" have
 become oh so callus.

 With gunmen in "your" face
 what will you have to say?
 Will you go Christian and turn
 cheek by looking other way?
 To "your" freaked out children
 what do you say? "Oh honey it's
 "still" alright to go out to play!
 Cane homeland insecurity keep
 terrorists at bay? Will all those
 cross bearing priests tell all it is

 Reality check brings us to product
 of looking other way. "Never thought
 all this would come our way!" It only
 happens to "others"! Do you mean
 "your sisters and brothers?" Or will
 it be mom and pop? On your corner
 is a cop but what can one stop? Do
 we send it troops but only with mops?
 How many "leaders" turn into flops?

 Here comes The Don and Hilary at
 time of great mental depression with
 so many worried about recession!
 World is watching and what will be
 the impression? Will "they" look other
 way without mention? EVERYONE IS

 Leaders again telling us to "just go on
 with our lives!" Sounds like Bush who
 "told us to go shopping to show world
 economy is still hopping!" Put away
 your fears by downing in beers! Look
 in trees to find hiding Smokey the Bear!
 Can you bare to stay so aware? Will you
 forget about having good time and how
 to cheer? Will Alice's kids lose that stare?
 Many at shooting stepped up and cared!
 Hate to lose anyone dear even good old
 Bambi the deer....................

 Last day before departing to west coast.
 Having winner of The Belmont I boast!
 Maybe celebrate with a roast and remember
 being safe is not like warm toast........

      Barry McChangky         *>:) devil       QUACK!

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