Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'M HOME.................

 Traveled all day and all
 I have to say is it's nice
 to be back home. Out in
 world to roam all the way
 to New Yawk. Left this very
 early morning from Super 8
 in Monticello that in most
 cases still very mellow. To
 Alan said hello and have a
 good time at Grossingers!
 Brad the Law School Grad
 took me over Bear Mountain
 to Westchester Airport right
 on time! Took looong walk
 out to small plane like one
 knucklehead! Must be on a
 med. Breakfast I was fed
 and was off to Chi-town to
 get SFO non-stop and ride
 was not a flop. After driving
 up and down roadway to
 satisfy wind change we were
 off for great flight. Wheelchair
 met me at SFO and blazed me
 through airport like O.J. run!
 Yeah it was fun! My bag was 
 there having made it on earlier
 flight to my delight and was in
 cab on the way home! Life is
 REALLY good!

 Hit The Belmont and made some
 partying dough of which I did blow!
 Everyone had good time! Belmont
 was good to me with four pick 4's
 and a pick 5. Harness is another
 story not worth telling...........
 Made money with Mike Merton at
 Monti and brother Gregg at other
 track called Plainridge. Two weeks
 of "mountain heaven!" Well maybe
 not all that...........

 With me gone politics went on as
 usual which is not unusual. I am
 into making a little noise but to tell
 the truth The Don and Hilary are 
 about to show Alice real meaning of
 word malice! I won't be soon visiting
 Alice's palace of malice! Tomorrow
 will not be better with Alice's kids
 back acting like bed wetters! Want to
 wait for it to just stop............

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil       QUACK!

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