Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WOKE UP THIS MORNING..........................

 Woke up this morning 
 and served bottle of fear.
 Prez election leaves all
 without real selection.
 Down in Florida in town
 called Orlando major kill
 as LBJ would say.......
 Baby in ape cage plays with
 ape until no more ape...
 IN FLORIDA alligator grabs 
 baby off the beach with life
 and death stuggle by pop.....
 World of convenience turns
 into human slop that can't be
 waved or cleaned up with mop!

 Television political speaking 
 "comics" and entertainers find
 great humor in all this and has
 position to shove in "our" face!
 Does look into shaving mirror
 in morning bring home disgrace?
 Can "you" still get anything you want
 at Alice's Restaurant or rather look
 other way and never make a case?
 Just "who" is "that" political base?
 Can count on "them" just in case!
 Are you bothered, concerned or angry
 of rape of Alice's finest lace without
 ever going out on the chase........

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil        QUACK!   

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