Thursday, June 16, 2016

WE ARE ANGRY, SAD AND.............

 On this dark overcast morning
 in San Francisco with day that
 looks to be one of mourning. 
 World of entertainment down 
 in sunny Florida has brought
 to many PTSD symptoms with
 flashbacks to too many of bad,
 sad and angry situations still
 dangling in the cognitive world.
 What is a citizen to do or not?
 So many occurrences in short
 periods of time is way beyond
 how anyone feels about crime. 

 Such a high level dose of fear
 EVERYDAY finds one looking
 for reason to cheer. So many
 drink more beer worrying about
 career. Even thoughts about a
 missile from North Korea. Life
 moves on but at higher cost to
 what is left of our karma.......

 Barry McChangky     *>:) devil     QUACK!  

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