Monday, June 27, 2016


 Never thought I'd ever see
 can kicked that far right in
 front of me. Oh Baby, They
 got me singing political blues.
 Never thought I'd hear news
 that London government is on
 way out without any clues,
 "The Workers" stepped all over
 prime minister's blue suede shoes,
 sitting government can't refuse.
 Old winners that now lose, oh baby
 you got me singing political blues.

 Mary and Alice cut from same cloth,
 big bites taken by the worker's moth.
 Sitting politicians always ducking
 and weaving without throwing any
 counter punch because just too busy
 at money raising lunch! Fold up like
 paper when punches come in a bunch,
 don't have problem solving clues not
 even a hunch! Oh baby, got me singing
 those political blues.

 World of globalization been taking over
 Alice's nation beginning with old fight
 over voter registration. Can't move forward
 while fighting old fights about integration,
 half of nation against more immigration!
 Did "we" forget Alice's foundation? Every
 legal battle turns into oral masturbation,
 so why can't you understand voter's 
 frustration.......................Oh baby, you got
 me singing those political blues........

   Barry McChangky         *>:) devil         QUACK!

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