Sunday, July 24, 2016

COME ON BERNIE..........

 Come on Bernie
 let the good times roll!
 Come on Bernie
 your a better person 
 for not selling your soul!
 Come on Bernie 
 your not on anyone's dole
 and your better than any
 poll! So let good times roll!

 Sunday morning talking heads
 can make many stay in bed.
 Continue with "better of two"
 and coming worldwide dread.
 Everyday more go without being
 fed as they keep busy burying all
 those that are dead. Children are
 fighting wars killing and being bled!

 Trump is busy on the stump telling us
 all "I'm not a hump!" Always has card
 that will trump and behind it all a real
 economic pump. Here comes Hilary
 climbing up ladder out of sump. Had
 real good "friend" in Wasser-woman
 who played dirty tricks on Bernie like
 any bent over human. Hilary was not 
 in bag and Wasser-woman was not 
 going to leave anything to assuming.
 Her lies creative and consuming. 

 Obama-mama can't wait to get out of
 "everybody's" way. Doing his time, 
 will do his stay. Sure has not had it
 his way as we watch Alice fall further
 into spiraling decay. Don't need all to
 go out and pray or sign up for army
 to become prey. Have "we" learned
 any lessons from looking other way?
 Voting for either candidate will be as
 it says in The Bronx Tao: to give
 positive reinforcement to negative
 behavior will not get positive results.
 It will be a chance at change.........

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil         QUACK!   


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