Monday, July 25, 2016

I DON'T KNOW/NO....................

 Let it be said
 Hilary will not be lead.
 Her ice cold veins have
 been bled and it does 
 not matter what you ask.
 The Good Ship Hilary has
 sailed from port and now
 called The I Don't Know/No!
 No insider talk between Hilary
 and Wasser-woman don't go!
 Hilary a hands on insider player
 Lewensky had trouble getting
 around without making any Wild
 Bill sound! DNC sells or gives up
 bullshit by the pound. And Hilary
 goes I don't know/no!

 CBS Morning Show with card carrying
 Francophile Chal'y Rose and backup
 of salt and pepper shakers who could
 never make it as bankers or bakers.
 builder or shaker..............but CBS has
 full court press on for Hilary and don't
 make any attempt to hide and for that
 reason not called a "news" show out
 of pride..............? Don't ask Hilary for
 she don't know/no........

 All the above small potatoes with all
 that is going on here and across world.
 Olympic committee bent over by Putin
 and so for drug users fans will be rootin'! 
 DARN TOOTIN! Where is Howdy Doody,
 tutti fruity ice cream and scream for a
 little honesty...........but don't ask Hilary
 for she don't know/no! 

 Fog bank that San Francisco can bank
 on is here this overcast morning. Have
 DEM's rolling out heavies to make first
 spring invasion upon The Donald......

   Barry McChangky         *>:) devil         QUACK! 

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