Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DAYS OF WINE AND AND...............

 As daily life pulls away
 from Uncle George's 1984
 and heads into uncharted
 waters of period known as
 Days of Wine and Soylent Green.
 Lousy tasting, gut wrenching
 cheap red, red wine to spit out
 slime of "flavor developed in a
 very clean labatory/lavatory!"
 called Soylent Green. Protein
 from humans that were not
 necessarily mean but would or
 could no longer play for team.
 See this in movie, nightmare or

 As political fight for prez gets
 ready to go "the media" is out
 giving direction to go. Listing
 items from "normal times or as
 things used to be" for ordained
 candidates so "the media" can
 have "all hear and see" the way
 things ought to be............
 Trump may be a hump but knows
 to keep "the media" in his sights. 
 He don't mind pokes but has real
 problem with media "bites." It is
 healing process that follows to
 include a scab............

 On "the media's" list was no word
 of opiate addiction or homelessness.
 Been on back burner since good old
 days of "our" revolution waiting for
 solution to be developed by evolution.
 I know it must be somewhere in "our"

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil           QUACK!  

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