Saturday, July 2, 2016

FOURTH OF JULY SATURDAY.......................

 On this Fourth of July Saturday
 what are you doing, anything
 you want to say? Did you get up
 early to beat crowds at The Mall?
 If there is gathering of veterans
 will you get a call? Did you ever
 serve your community besides
 buying tickets to presidential ball?
 Are you thinking of Great Britain
 and long for good old days of
 Bogey and Bacall? Go on and
 reminisce baby, reminisce........

 Cool on this side of bay and many
 packing cars to be on their way.
 Immigrants too on their way. Will
 Putin continue to play, "stay out 
 of my Syrian way!" Everyone wants
 to leave but can't get far enough away.
 Cities in mid east look like life after
 attack by "The Beast!" Ruins of antiquity 
 look better..........

 Bet Belmont today with little to show
 other than Joel Rosario who was thrown
 from mount yesterday can get back up.
 No winners today.......

 Barry McChangky            *~^o^~ cheer             QUACK!    

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