Sunday, July 3, 2016

SUNDAY AFTERNOON....................

 Windy and chilly day with
 sunshine in San Francisco.
 Weekend full of places to go
 or do for not so many but 
 more than a few. Some in
 church ducking down in pew,
 from out of where next will be
 another wrecking crew? For
 Baghdad another three bombs
 as daily violence grew. Libya,
 Syria and Turkey too under so
 much pressure and Putin knows
 what to do. Commissars never
 are into killing only a few...........

 Pound and England are down and
 American carpetbaggers on way to
 play economic clown. Economy to
 home team bringing a frown while
 visitors get more than plenty for
 current pound. Refugees from sea
 can see land but end up on morning
 tide floating in sound. No matter
 where you are or where you go it 
 could be place of next terrorist round!
 You again will be lost long before you
 are ever found.........

 Looking back on recent past it is very
 hard to set mast into what has become
 beyond the unknown..............

  Barry McChangky          *>:) devil       QUACK! 

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