Monday, July 4, 2016

HERE WE ARE................................

 Here we are on 
 Fourth of July,
 So nice to be alive!
 Living in world full
 of jive and have to
 find way to thrive.
 Ice cold barrel of beer
 to go with bar b q side
 of beef. Nice to have a
 long weekend just to get
 some fear relief. On this 
 day of political speeches
 hard to be brief. Will any
 be handing out news of
 releasing long due legal 

 "EVENTS" is an Orwellian
 term sanitizing horrible
 catastrophes and put into
 slices between meaningless
 stories. Leaders in most places
 have in hole no aces as multi
 faced terrorists set up bases!
 "Oxygen tank handicap" for
 Olympic foot, boat and human
 races. If swimmers swim they
 must be living on the rim and
 brain needs tuneup and hair a trim.
 No oil, no food, no money and no
 livable housing in time.........

 Wild fire in south west with icy rain
 storms flooding mid west. Hard time
 to invest with Wall Street hitting crest.
 Trump still beating own chest, Hilary
 will later not sooner give up the rest.
 Birds can't keep rats out of their nest.
 If Hilary wins will Wild Bill be regular
 guest or call in exterminators so he
 don't infest? 

 Late afternoon with booms from
 pyrotechnic blasts that all through
 this night lasts. In the scrolls of the
 Bronx Tao it is written; there is a past
 and there is now. How long can now
 last if there is no future? Don't blink!

  Thank you Tommy Jeff!

  Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party     QUACK!

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