Tuesday, July 5, 2016


 Beautiful sunny morning day
 after Fourth of July. Fireworks
 galore with national roar over
 in Iceland for hockey team. 
 Weekend for those that have
 overcome but yet look other
 way when needed to help some.
 Since Revolutionary War Alice's
 kids have had an opiate and still
 major homeless population. 
 Go to moon, Jupiter and pretty
 much to hell with ourselves but
 only natural skill is used by barn
 owl to kill. Man can now turn head
 360 degrees to be able to always
 look the other way...........

 Coming "our" way is presidential 
 election where there is no logical
 selection. Highest numbers in polls
 speaks to huge rejection by those
 that vote in election. Both party's
 need inspector general inspection!
 Next generation be "our" reflection?

 Fireworks last night right outside my
 bedroom window! Sky lit up downtown
 while refugees fleeing by sea continue
 to drown. If a clown then your upside
 down smile is but a frown..........

  Barry McHangky        *~^o^~ cheer   QUACK!

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