Tuesday, July 5, 2016


 FBI said Hilary was loose
 but there was no INTENT!
 "They" said it was good vent.
 Another political story that is
 kind of bent when beginning
 with INTENT to invent.
 Did Wild Bill have conversation
 with attorney general about what
 is MEANT BY INTENT? (Remember
 INTENT was what Wild Bill had in
 mind when saying "I never had sex!")
 Signing of Glass-Steigel was INTENT!
 Wild Bill and Chucky Boy Shuman
 made millions but not a red cent!
 Did Hilary not know what it meant?

 Outcome of political or horse race is
 the same, based on INTENT! No, I'm
 not talking of desert love IN TENT!
 When candidate, jockey or harness
 driver "get on the horse" it is always
 about "their" INTENT! HORSES WIN
 CANDIDATES but only WHEN there is
 good old fashioned INTENT! Do you
 remember where the losers went......

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil       QUACK!  

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