Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LETS CLASH...................

 Should Hilary stay or go now?
 No reason for taking a bow,
 final report said she lied and how!
 Should she go or stay now?
 In credibility an incredible gap,
 still in denial and won't take rap!
 Her answers are all over map to
 point she drives me to take nap!

 Should Hilary go or stay now?
 Not too late for The Bernie the Great
 to make last man stand at convention!
 Where is Zappa and Mothers of Invention?
 Look at silly Hilary using excuse of "there
 was not any "intention" when leaving home to
 commit murder or break security considerations!
 Should she go or stay now?
 Treats the masses like good old Chairman Mao,
 with Little Red Book telling her how! Will she be
 sending GOP-ers back to the plow? From look of
 pants suit too much Kung Pao! In China eating
 good old hamburgers, Alice's favorite chow!

 Should Hilary go or stay now?
 High negatives, positives are short.
 Tell me! Tell me! Is there anything good
 in that report or is Hilary baby going to court?
 Only consistency in report is her retort!
 Should she go or stay now? 
 Wild Bill up on hill waiting to come collect
 presidential bill as it says in her will!
 There are those up on The Hill saying
 Hilary is Wall Street shill and "enforcers"
 are Obama-mama, Chucky Boy Shumer and
 last and never least, Wild Bill...............
 For the religious please pray Hilary goes away
 and stays away before turning "The Clintons"
 loose to continue doing as they may..........
 YES! They should go and stay away now.........

 My apologies to The Clash.......

       Barry McChangky        *>:) devil             QUACK!

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