Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NO RUBY TUESDAY......................

 Gloomy Tuesday around all
 of San Francisco bay with
 lots of rain falling on Trump's
 roll out of campaign. Wife is
 real beauty of immigrant chain.
 Anti immigrant married to and
 holding out for us an immigrant.

 CBS morning entertainers who
 are posing as journalists brought
 "their CBS entertainment news" 
 to the table. Three right out of 
 Cain and Abel with front guy who
 is no longer stable. Sweet Chocolate
 Pudding still stuffing Hilary and Stack
 of Cheekbones without brain to get 
 off  this train. Chal'y Rose picking at
 "that Francophile nose.............."
 CBS "must" know something I suppose.

 Will make Love Shack run and get ready
 tomorrow. Chocolate bars on menu.....

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil        QUACK! 

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