Monday, July 18, 2016

SO WHO DO YOU NOT LIKE..............

 Opening shot today for 
 DEM convention which
 is real money making
 invention. Nothing to do
 with Mothers of Invention
 because neither candidate
 can sing but can sting.....

 If you don't want Trump
 then accept other hump!
 Do whop, do whop, do whop.
 If you looked at only 2 parties
 then you did not smart shop.
 Coming at us is reality show
 that is guaranteed to flop!
 Not mess that can be cleaned
 up with a mop!
 Do whop, do whop, do whop!

 Red eye to Chi-town Wednesday
 and White Plains on Thursday.
 Opening of Saratoga on Friday!
 It is written in scrolls of The Bronx Tao:
 Politicians and horses are very
 much the same. When need to
 run long way turn lame............. 
 then owners turn to trainers to blame.
   Barry McChangky          *B-) cool         QUACK!  

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