Friday, July 8, 2016

PUT ON YOUR RED DRESS BABY..................

 Put on your red dress Alice,
 war has come home tonight!
 Put on your red dress Alice,
 guns fired at police in Dallas!
 Well known fact, so much malice
 aimed at Alice's palace.......

 Put on your red dress Alice
 are we dancing into the night?
 Must ask question, why are your
 kids so ready to fight? Have cops
 and courts taken too big a bite?
 Do laws make one right or are
 citizens left to put cops in gun 
 sight when cops overuse might?
 Will "you" ever again go softly
 into that good night.........

 Put on your red dress Alice there
 is a fight over who lives in palace.
 Won't be a Jew wearing a talus.
 Will be one or other cross wearer
 with record of being callus! Trump
 may well be a hump but on Hilary
 has a jump. Neither one lives in a 
 dump, neither being sirloin more
 like rump..............

 Alice turning inward on Alice.
 Leadership is away at sea on ship
 listing too far to hear. Politicians
 fumbling waiting to hear cheer.
 Pop home again with six pack of beer
 and drunk by nine is first sign. How
 much time spent waiting on line just
 to find your giving away your life when
 signing on bottom line.............

 It is written in scrolls of the Bronx Tao
 that we all have a past and right now.
 Future is about expectation. How long
 before it becomes later..........

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil        QUACK!        

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