Friday, July 8, 2016


 Another day Alice's
 flag at half staff. 
 Another day not to laugh.
 Pain in chest like charlie 
 horse in the calf.
 Another day to ponder
 lack of leadership as we
 all go down with the ship.
 Another day of entertainment
 by insiders who dress hip.
 In Berkeley coffee houses
 on coffee many will sip.
 Another low level street dealer
 will give police the slip.
 At Belmont Raceway jockeys will
 get aboard mounts with whips.
 At The Bell Tower waitress's still
 continue to work for tips.
 From The Esplanade tourists will
 continue to watch ships.
 Should sun rise tomorrow there
 will still be lots of sorrow and will
 be beginning of process to forget.

 Barry McChangky          *>:) devil        QUACK!    

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