Saturday, July 9, 2016


 Sun finally has poked through
 to warm San Francisco bay on
 this Saturday. Helicopters out
 giving tourist sky ride as we
 all continue to think of those
 this week that died. Another
 week hell brought on the meek
 while good life is what all seek.
 Must be hard being Christian 
 and turning other cheek..........

 All must confess Europe is a
 mess and economies look soon
 to recess or depress. Putin still
 working on Warsaw and won't be
 happy with a draw. For him there
 is only "Putin's Law!" Estonia is
 is next to be picked on like bad 
 sore and spread like cold slaw.
 E.U. has many a flaw with being
 unable to protect itself extending
 "The Claw!" 
 North Korea again showing no fear
 while celebrating by drinking lousy
 Chinese beer. Not worried about the
 Russian Bear! About what do "they"
 care with people going hungry to
 pick up military fare. IS THAT FAIR?
 Fair is color of Englishman's skin
 who on people of color have forced
 their opinion................For Britain let
 us get together ten good men and 
 hold a minion.............
 Then there is Hilary and Trump who
 they should only name children after.

  Barry McChangky       *&lt:-P party     QUACK!  

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