Sunday, July 10, 2016

NOW THAT ALL HAS BEEN SAID........................

 Now that all has been said
 about how western man is
 going to move ahead. Now
 another five dead as "we"
 go to sleep after tucking our
 children into bed. In "our"
 streets police are bled and
 we go on living in dread.
 YES! Again it's power of one
 that has society on the run!
 Took only one with gun to take
 away joy of eating pork on a bun!
 All the catastrophes shows man's
 response to be none. Don't see the
 church out there not even a nun!
 Madness will never be done as long
 as "we" are too busy having fun....
 Only took power of one..........

 Are you feeling safe knowing next
 president will be a knucklehead or
 dumb blonde waif? There is but one
 "choice" left to voters and that is to
 Show "organized" politics as led by
 "social and mainstream media" that
 we can be a smarty! Alice can again
 be politically hearty................

 Life on other side of pond is still busy
 pondering what went on. "Britain from
 E.U. is gone, mon!" Will they send an
 army when Europeans start attacking
 each other "AGAIN?" Boys are boys,
 men are men. Europe celebrating WW 1
 murdering pen! No where to go, no where
 to hide and who will help stop civilization 

    Barry McChangky            *>:) devil       QUACK!

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