Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Re: GOING TO HAVE A ........................

 Monday brings another shooting
 by power of one as Alice's kids
 get ready to have a conversation.
 Going to talk about pulling together
 "our" nation. Will conversation be
 another euphemism for delay?
 What do "you" have to say? Do you
 see things in black, white or gray?
 Human relations around world is in
 spiral of decay as one per centers 
 continue to do as they may. So I say
 "let's have that conversation!"

 Will conversation start with inability 
 of Alice's to accept integration over
 economic and social segregation? 
 Police force of community "they" do
 not live in and come on morning
 commute for occupation. What is job
 of "the occupier?" Guardian or one 
 more knucklehead thinking " I am a 

 Idea that "first respondents" can have 
 good relations with people in need of
 their assistance of those on other side
 of bridge and tunnel no longer there.
 Come to work daily with "must beware
 for how will "they" know I care? Never
 sat down and shared a beer........."
 Living in world that has become very
 comfortable kicking every can down
 the road to someone else's responsibility!
 Psychiatrists and lawyers have told us 
 "that no one is ever 'really' responsible
 for their actions if they left home this
 morning with "no intent of committing
 a murder or any other crime........."
 Is this reason we are living in world of

  Barry McChangky          *>:) devil         QUACK!  

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