Sunday, July 31, 2016


 Sunday is quiet with muddy
 track at Saratoga where I hit
 late pick 4 yesterday. Riders
 let longshot walk to half mile
 and it was all over. $2900 for
 $.50 ticket. It was wicked!

 Sunday in San Francisco is
 pretty raw with broken sky and
 wind with a chill snap. On T.V.
 whole world is after Trump but
 their answer is "the other hump!"
 Is this an election or garbage dump?
 Who is going to win but one with
 highest power economic pump?
 Will road to election of negative
 selection cause economic bump or
 send us into ongoing slump?
 No more sirloin only rump! Have
 you heard anyone with "real" plan
 for retirement demand? Young are
 keeping head in sand and long for
 good old days of garage band......
 Do you hear anything about making
 economy expand......................

 Bars and bistro's full of political talk
 that disappears like chalk in rain. 

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party    QUACK!

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