Monday, August 1, 2016

EAGLE HAS LANDED........................

 Monday morning and first of
 the month like a rebirth. As
 usual The Eagle Landed on
 target. Media talking heads
 have Trump in "let me harm
 you" sight. Using media for
 personal bite or just to make
 us all a little more uptight. 
 Bernie should have kept up
 fight to end of convention to
 show he's not man of convention!
 Remember change?

 No change with deranged 
 angle of Russians being
 the ones to be able to get
 not into Wasser-woman's
 pants but her e-mail files.
 They came in piles and to
 Bernie and His People did
 not bring smiles. So there
 was public slaughter of the
 DNC head! Got caught with
 Hilary in bed and like Wild
 Bill and Lewinsky fled on sled!
 Slippery sloop I say..........

 All those nations use their
 ability to hack everything
 going on everywhere in our
 little old world. So what is
 surprise that Russia gets no
 prize for helping "us" out with
 a little bit of democracy........

 Muddy today again in Saratoga.
 Off turf and too many scratches. 
 Smaller fields don't mean winners
 come in batches. Horse racing is
 not about equal matches but at
 times mimic World Wide Wrestling
 matches. Great entertainment but
 do you want to bet? Once money
 is down there should be no regret.
 Just don't bet way into debt for some
 never recover only regret.........
 GIVE ME TEN ON............

 Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party        QUACK! 


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