Tuesday, August 2, 2016

OVERCAST AND GLOOMY.................

 Another morning in 
 Land of Alice where
 there is much malice.
 Shit hitting the wall,
 blood on sidewalk.
 Another body outlined
 in chalk. Neighbors do
 gather for moment then
 take pet dogs for walk.
 Silly questions from
 media dawk and on to
 story about baseball
 and The Balk! The only
 philosophy here is about
 Yogi's when coming to a
 fork in road take it!

 Will The Donald make it?
 Wild talk but do you think
 he only fakes it? New Norm
 with new lines being drawn
 that is not about farmers who
 want grow more corn. From out
 of this coming election of poor
 selection could be a revolution!
 People for a real solution! Make
 it a law to read CONSTITUTION!
 Dark today at Saratoga and give
 chance to dry out track. What will
 be today's flack, Jack?

   Barry McChangky       *>:) devil       QUACK!


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