Monday, August 8, 2016

DREARY MONDAY MORNING.............................

 Day has started pretty ugly 
 with drizzle that won't stop.
 Not day to window shop but
 may want to stay home to 
 clean up the slop. Not good 
 anymore with mop and soon
 to be 70 year old Clason Point
 Be-bop! Lake won't carry me 
 to The Hop and can no longer
 do The Bop. Sure can't outrun
 a cop but life is not a flop!

 World of Alice and run for palace
 with so many having in heart all
 that malice. Sharecroppers still
 have hands of callus and nothing
 else to show for it. How many of 
 us digging in same pit? How many
 forever on Alice's teat and never
 will spit the bit! For few life is a hit 
 but for most has turned into shit.
 Hanging in there, not throwing fit.
 Can you work to 80 and be fit? Is
 "your" retirement in a 401k mit? 
 Will you live long enough to retire
 and sit on porch with dog and knit?
 When was last time you enjoyed a
 real banana split..............

 Saratoga has tough card but may 
 go into late pick 4. No Serling today.
 I am on my own.............

  Barry McChangky          *:-O surprise         QUACK!

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