Wednesday, August 10, 2016


 Awoke to sound of Scavenger's
 garbage truck and wonderfully
 sunny day. Racing at Saratoga
 today on sloppy track which is
 as hard to win on as war in Iraq. 
 But I took a crack spreading by
 using four by four in pick fours. 
 May open longshot door. Well
 Barry Hanover won at Monti with
 payment of $31.00 to win! Yes I do
 bet names............

 World of politics has stink that can
 sink a ship standing still in slip. 
 Two knuckleheads running into a
 very quick first quarter clip. Do I on
 this race have "inside tip?" YEAH!
 Take coin and flip then go on long
 never ending trip! Can "the people"
 drive either horse without going to
 "THE WHIP?" Get bottle of Tapestry
 and take very long sip and on way
 out door try not to trip. Between all
 "three parties", Dems, Gops and of
 course The Media we will hear lots 
 of lip...............

 Going to load bong and then go out
 into world for the day.............

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil       QUACK!

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