Thursday, August 11, 2016

UGLY MORNING.....................

 Heavy fog, drizzle and just 
 one ugly damp day. Not day
 for walking around window
 shopping or bar room hopping. 
 Could listen to politics and hear
 who is doing the mopping with
 no reason for stopping. Election
 time is like wood chopping, keep
 at it with ax and never get lax for
 in your ears will grow some wax. 
 Are you ready to hear lie that ALL
 will pay less tax................

 Syria is still hysteria. 
 Mesopotamia still on fire.
 Back here in states so many
 need to be hired. Know when
 from "new carreer" will be fired?
 What will "you" harvest this fall?
 Are your plants pinched and tall?
 Will you make enough for "trip"
 to local mall? Will you be invited
 to next presidential ball or again
 "not get that call?" Do you flinch
 every time feeling life in gear of stall?

   Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK! 

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