Sunday, August 28, 2016

SUNDAY AT SARATOGA.....................

 Nice Sunday afternoon in 
 San Francisco but I stayed
 indoors and bet Saratoga.
 The babies got me in both
 pick 4's and so track for me
 today did not pay. OYE VEH!
 Turn page for tomorrows is
 another day, another card....
 Maybe not as hard?

 Sunday political shows are 
 in last throws of how do we
 keep getting it wrong. Both
 candidates are looking not
 at all strong. Will Green Party
 win by default or will people
 just continue search for fault?
 It is written in The Bronx Tao
 that voting for sake of voting
 for either despicable party is
 to give positive reinforcement 
 to negative behavior........

  Barry McChangky      *B-) cool     QUACK!  

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