Monday, August 29, 2016

MONDAY MORNING...........................

 Ten a.m. on Monday morning
 and mixed skies but there is
 hint of sun. Chilly, but still
 good to go for walking around
 chowing down on pork on a bun.
 Morning news with usual number
 of car accidents and backup time
 at all bridges. Every working day.
 Wait and wait just to pay even if
 on way to pray. Don't pull up and
 say nay for paying off Bay Brige
 will take until three generations
 down is old and grey. OYE VEH!

 Countdown to election of selection
 about least rejection is two months
 away. Like Custer told his men, "It's
 good time to pray!" Alice's palace is 
 already full of malice and both want
 to drink from golden chalice. 

 Bet late pick 4 at Saratoga and rough
 which leaves me regrettable but card
 is beatable .............

   Barry McChangky            *>:) devil        QUACK!

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