Wednesday, August 31, 2016

END OF THE MONTH.........................

 Last day of August on this
 Wednesday morning with
 clearing weather in sight. 
 Nice day to go out for a bite.
 Listened to morning news to
 find out no one is right. Yes,
 politics is moving left and to
 the right with no explanation
 of anything in sight. Might as
 well go to movies for fright 

 Just getting over day with old
 friends and on the mental mend.
 Steve "I'm a singer" and Steffi
 "Steve's great singer" spoke of
 wonderful life of taking without
 any rejection of anything because
 "If I can why not?" Must be wearing
 feedbag of greed and anything in
 front of him he don't need. "Because
 I can!" Would not get out of car on
 restaurant row called Valencia Street
 because "closed business's had bars
 or gates shuttered when closed!" 
 Would not get out of car because of
 "those people standing in front of the
 restaurant!" Maybe waiting to be called
 on a Saturday night? It is safe? back in
 Florida behind walls of gated community?
 From everything non-white immunity!
 Moves through world with impunity.........

 Bet pick 4's at Saratoga while waiting to
 hear flutter of Bald Eagle's wings getting
 ready to land at sunrise in my checking
 account. HOW DO THEY DO THAT ?

   Barry McChangky            *>:) devil          QUACK!

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