Thursday, September 1, 2016

MERTON'S ON A ROLL.................

 Thursday morning brings 
 no relief from fog and chill.
 Everything looks like land
 of no frills and plenty of bills.
 Ray of sunshine at Monticello
 Oval with Gregg and Michael
 Merton taking four of five in
 daily pick 5 paying $4,000.00!
 Today there is horses trained
 by main squeeze of trainer and
 turnkey Bobby Merton. Then there
 is John Stubis "behind curtain Merton"
 father of wives of Michael and Gregg.
 maybe your coat..........

 Daily media "news" is but free ads
 on CBS. DEM's from Hilary's inner
 circle everywhere taking over what
 is called an "interview." Morning
 show on CBS is not news but platform
 for teleprompter readers "to have a
 personal say." FCC should say nay.....

 The "war going on out there" is still
 going on and will keep western nations
 in tighter control of populations as much
 tighter noose of globalization is applied.
 Change? Those that have want no change.
 To go through life and give up good life
 voluntarily is world human maturation has
 not yet arrived. On the way like Amtrak but
 just has not come into station..............

 Betting pick 4's today after $500 late pick 4
 yesterday. Going to continue "Barry Method."
 Take knife full of jam to bread and SPREAD!

   Barry McChangky             *&lt:-P party         QUACK!

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