Friday, September 2, 2016


 Friday morning sunshine before
 nine a.m. and looks to be one
 great Labor Day Weekend. This 
 is great time to look for job now
 that all are too busy to see me!
 Bet my pick 4's for today after
 picking late pick 4 yesterday but
 lost twenty dollars. CHALK! Dry
 like word indicates. Joel Rosario
 is back and looking for good day
 from him. Just saying?

 Big weekend for politicians and
 all the damage "they" can do. 
 Pants Suit Hilary and The Donald
 will be in high gear and selling that
 everyday Orwellian fear while you
 down burger and beer. In Cali look
 out for fire and Smokey the Bear. 
 Around San Diego nothing to cheer.
 For San Francisco quarterback do
 you cheer or jeer? With entertainment
 taking over "news" it is as good as any
 platform to stand up for what you believe!
 Sorry for the inconvenience................

  Barry McChangky             *&lt:-P party    QUACK! 

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