Saturday, September 3, 2016

DREARY IS BACK..........................

 After one nice day here
 again is fog, drizzle and
 overcast over the bay. 
 That is way it will stay
 all day today.
 World of "war out there"
 is still cooking with leader
 here and there booking. 
 For many The Hague still
 looking and will never be
 "brought to justice." That
 is real mystery....... 

 Holiday weekend weather
 has turned bad and that will
 make it sad. Next Friday will
 be full celebration of my 70th
 birthday. My only regret is that
 I got to live longer than my Lt.
 who came out under fire on April
 5, 1966 to save my life and I'm 
 still breathing.....

  Barry McChangky        *~^o^~ cheer     QUACK!

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