Sunday, September 4, 2016

NICE SUNDAY AFTERNOON.......................

 Wonderful in San Francisco
 with real nice weather not to
 be wearing that pleather/leather.
 Andy Serling the Handicapper Man
 was further out in twilight zone than
 stablemate Rod! Would have been
 better off with fish dish of cod. 

 Hilary is so bad out of gate that
 no matter what The Donald says
 or does can not pull away. Like
 uninterested plodder just keeps
 on going along, singing same song.
 Libertarians that followed Bernie
 who has now sold out won't go along.
 Where is "third party" that media will
 not follow out singing "our" song?
 Follow "the media" and will go wrong.
 Question becomes which candidate is
 more callus to want to live in Alice's 
 Palace of Malice? How come FCC
 looks other way when public airways 
 are freely used by station owners to
 push personal choice of candidates
 and use news time to deliver why or
 why not to vote for.................
 I guess it's better to be subjective when
 mandate is to be objective..............

  Barry McChangky          *:-/ confused       QUACK!     

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