Sunday, August 21, 2016


  Same weather, different day.
  Sunday morning chill with a
 little sun. Could be day for
 walking around eating pizza
 or pork on a bun. Watched the
 Sunday morning news with
 Lap Dog George Snafalafagus. 
 Kind words for Pants Suit Hilary
 and not too good about Trump.
 Media keeps saying Trump can't
 win with his personal political act. 
 That is conjecture, not a fact. But
 that The Donald has so much
 support with terrible political act
 reinforces idea not myth that all
 elections are "for entertainment
 purposes, shake downs and lots
 of money spent by lobbyists."

 Life is but a dream
 and what you make it.
 Wasting time working 
 out how to fake it just
 does not make it. 

  Barry McChangky            *:(( crying        QUACK!


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